Avery School District 394
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Administrative Office
PO Box 7
Avery, Idaho 83802

Phone:   208-245-2479
Fax:       208-245-2760

Avery Administration and Staff

Mr. Robert Vian  vianr@sd394.com

Office Manager
Mrs. Sheila Cottier averyschool@sd394.com

Mrs. Renee McQuade rjmcquade@sd394.com
IT Director
Mr. Don Watson dwatson@sd394.com
Head Teacher:
Ms. Ann Hieda anneke@sd394.com

Para Professionals:

   Mrs. Renee McQuade         rjmcquade@sd394.com
   Mrs. Andi McQuade amcquade@sd394.com

       *The Avery Administration Office is located next to the Calder School in Calder Idaho.
 The office is in a portable building above and to the right of the school.

205 Calder Park Rd
    Calder, ID.  83808

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